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Android Runtime 
This is the third section of the architecture and available on the second layer from the bottom. This section provides a key component called Dalvik Virtual Machine which is a kind of Java Virtual Machine specially designed and optimized for Android. The Dalvik VM makes use of Linux core features like memory management and multi-threading, which is intrinsic in the Java language. 

The Dalvik VM enables every Android application to run in its own process, with its own instance of the Dalvik virtual machine. The Android runtime also provides a set of core libraries which enable Android application developers to write Android applications using standard Java programming language. Application Framework The Application Framework layer provides many higher-level services to applications in the form of Java classes. Application developers are allowed to make use of these services in their applications. 

Applications You will find all the Android application at the top layer. You will write your application to be installed on this layer only. Examples of such applications are Contacts Books, Browser, Application components are the essential building blocks of an Android application. These components are loosely coupled by the application manifest file AndroidManifest.xml that describes each component of the application and how they interact. There are following four main components that can be used within an Android application:

A service is a component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations. For example, a service might play music in the background while the user is in a different application, or it might fetch data over the network without blocking user interaction with an activity.

Broadcast Receivers 
Broadcast Receivers simply respond to broadcast messages from other applications or from the system. For example, applications can also initiate broadcasts to let other applications know that some data has been downloaded to the device and is available for them to use, so this is broadcast receiver who will intercept this communication and will initiate appropriate action. A broadcast receiver is implemented as a subclass of BroadcastReceiver class and each message is broadcasted as an Intent object.

Content Providers
A content provider component supplies data from one application to others on request. Such requests are handled by the methods of the ContentResolver class. The data may be stored in the file system, the database or somewhere else entirely. A content provider is implemented as a subclass of ContentProvider class and must implement a standard set of APIs that enable other applications to perform transactions.
In this work, an article has prepared which can be a guide to researchers who want to start developing Android-based applications. Android is known as an operating system that comes face to face with more than one million applications. While Android sets the ground for different applications, people are aiming for unlimited entertainment for their lives and learning while they are having fun. Mobile application development steps are described for those who want to develop a mobile app for their own business, blog, service or product, but have limited resources for it. The installation steps of the necessary software are mentioned. Adroid SDK and Eclipse ADT installation, Android SDK directory settings, Android SDK and AVD manager settings, It provides detailed information on setting up a virtual device for Android, the hierarchical view and functions of Android project files, creating an Android project from scratch and developing the application. Designs for building NEU-CEIT Android application are written in detail along with the structures in xml and java files. This work will guide the researchers who want to develop applications in the Android Eclipce system environment, without developing the application and running in the emulator.